lettera i  have been searching for the truth since 1990, and have published four books and am constantly updating this website. My work concerns the TRUTH about one of the most important events in human history: the “discovery” of America. This event represents the beginning of the modern era and it changed the entire course of human history and led to the Renaissance. With the rise of the “other world”, as Columbus correctly called it, the crisis in longstanding beliefs and dogmas changed the political and economic balance in the West.
After more than 28 years of researching documents and finding innumerable clues I have reached the conclusion that what we have been told for over 500 years represents the greatest deception in the history of mankind. In order to continue to shed some light on this labyrinth in which lies have predominated, my single-handed effort to uncover the truth now requires additional outside financial support to continue my research. I need to acquire books, both old and new, to travel and enlist the assistance of archivists and paleographers, and maintain and constantly update this website. In short, to dispel the fossilized myths that prevailed over the centuries. I have only been able to do so with the financial help of many contributors. My goal is to reconstruct an historical path populated with forgotten or shadowy figures, staring with the “desaparecido” Pope who was Christopher Columbus’s real patron -- the Genovese citizen Giovanni Battista Cybo, afflicted with “the damnatio memoriae” -- who was eliminated by his successor the infamous Alexander VI, Rodrigo Borgia. The New World was handed over to Spain by a Spaniard.
During that period as never before, the quest for unity in diversity constituted an attempt to square the circle in more ways than the geographical, with the expansion of the known world. It is with the hope that this recent definitive effort to enlist financial support will result in new and better research as I attempt to discover the truth. There is no guarantee that I will succeed but I will express my gratitude by recognizing donors in my future reports and publications that aim to rewrite history. I seek to record the story based on truth and justice. It is no coincidence that Christopher Columbus said “Truth always triumphs”. And his tomb bears the words: “Let me not remain in confusion throughout eternity.”



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Author: Ruggero MarinoWebsite: http://www.ruggeromarino-cristoforocolombo.comEmail: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.
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Ruggero Marino è giornalista e scrittore. Ha lavorato per 34 anni al quotidiano Il Tempo di Roma, ricoprendo le cariche di inviato speciale (visitando più di 50 paesi), di redattore capo e di responsabile del settore cultura. Ha scritto due libri di poesie, Minime e massime e L’inferno in paradiso (Premio Indic). Ha vinto oltre 10 premi giornalistici, fra i quali quello dell’Associazione Stampa Romana. Con il suo primo volume sull’Ammiraglio, Cristoforo Colombo e il papa tradito, ha vinto il Premio Scanno. Delle sue ricerche, che proseguono dal 1990, e che per la prima volta coinvolgono la Chiesa di Roma nella vicenda, si sono occupati storici, scrittori e media in Italia e all’estero (il Times gli ha dedicato due pagine). I suoi studi sono stati citati all’Accademia dei Lincei. Ha esposto le proprie tesi in numerosissime conferenze, anche in università italiane e straniere. È stato invitato a New York dall’Istituto italiano di cultura e fa parte della Commissione scientifica per le annuali celebrazioni del 12 ottobre in onore di Colombo. Per approfondimenti è possibile consultare Wikipedia al seguente link:
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