Eugene Delacroix Christophe Colomb et son fils au couvent de Sainte Marie de Robid
Eugene Delacroix Christophe Colomb et son fils au couvent de Sainte Marie de Robid

È online sul sito Antiche Origini l'articolo scritto da Alessandro Moriccioni con Dario Moretti.

All'interno i risultati delle nuove ricerche del colombista Ruggero Marino.
L'operazione papale di pubbliche relazioni dietro la scoperta del nuovo mondo da parte di Cristoforo Colombo.


Eugene Delacroix Christophe Colomb e figlio figlio al couvent di Sainte Marie de Robid


The Papal Public Relations Operation Behind Christopher Columbus’ Discovery Of The New World
Was there a Papal conspiracy around Christopher Columbus’ discovery of America? Is it possible that the history of the ‘discovery of America’ has been told omitting details that only now re-emerge from the past? Is it possible that the Greatest Navigator of all ages, was a different man from the one known to history? Is it possible that the first geographical maps depicting the New World were actually part of a colossal scam? In Dante, Colombo e la fine del mondo ( Dante, Colombo and the End of the World) author Ruggero Marino presents a disconcerting alternative about the ‘Great Admiral of the Ocean’, Christopher Columbus, and a conspiracy to rewrite history.

Blood Ties With Pope Innocent VIII?
Was there a close familial bond between Pope Innocent VIII and the ‘Great Admiral of the Ocean’, whom the Pope himself had financed and sent to sail the seas to discover the New World, to coincide and support his great Religious Revelation? The New World or Fourth World was supposed to be an embodiment of the prophesy of the “New Jerusalem”, a spiritual renaissance that unified the different religions, Christians, Jews and Muslims.

Pope Innocent VIII had legitimate and as many unrecognized children, maybe even ten. Is it possible that Christopher Columbus was his illegitimate son? Certainly, it can be noted that in northern Italy the term " Colombo" (Columbus) meant " Son of an unknown father".

Columbus' entire life is full of contradictions when viewed from a traditional perspective. For example: how is it possible that the ignorant sailor painted by history could have corresponded with three popes; that he went to Portugal to marry a noblewoman related to the Portuguese king and that he went to Spain as a guest of the great nobles of Spain, Medina Sidonia and Medina Coeli, and to impose his will on King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Castile? Also strange is the ‘Medina’ who unequivocally smacks of Islam, reflecting the ongoing Grenada Wars. How could a simple son of a wool weaver get an audience with the King of France, after the Spaniards hesitated and refused to finance and sponsor his expedition overseas? How could his brother enter the court of the King of England? How could a semi-illiterate seadog even correspond with Pierpaolo Toscanelli, the greatest Italian cartographer and one of the most prestigious minds of the time?

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